Running agents

Running Fine Agents can be done directly from your notebook.


Ready-to-run agents

You must deploy the agents you want to use before you can run them. You can find ready-to-run agents in the Fine repository.

Running agents

Running agents in your workspace

To run agents in your workspace, you will first need to set up a project and connect your source code.

Once the project has linked with your source code, open your Fine Workspace and navigate to the notebook you will be using. On the upper right part of the screen, connect the notebook to your project and assign it to the agent of your choice. Next, select the "Change List" tab, and hit "Generate". The agent should now be up and running!

Once the task list was suggested to you, you can edit each task to your liking or even completely remove it. Finally, hit "Execute" to let the agent start implementing.

Custom Agents

Fine allows you the flexibility to build custom Agents, tailored to your specific needs. To learn more about building custom Agents, refer to the Custom Agents section.

Agents overview