Getting started

Setup Fine

Welcome to Fine, your gateway to Software 3.0. Get ready to explore how AI can redefine your software development workflow.


To get started with Fine, you will need:

  1. Install the Fine desktop application.
  2. Sign up and create an account.
  3. Add your repositories to Fine.
  4. Delegate an issue to an agent.

Get the app

First things first, download and install the Fine client that matches your OS from here: Mac, Windows, Linux is not supported yet.

Set up your workspace

Run the app and sign up. Follow the instructions on screen to create your account and configure your workspace.

Invite your team: If you are working with a team, you can invite them to join your workspace through the workspace settings page.

Sync your repositories


The main screen shows your available repositories on Fine. Click the New Local Repository button to import a local repository to Fine. Give it a name, select the source code direcotry and click on Create.

Add a repository

Local mode

We do everything to keep your privacy. For this reason Fine doesn't store your source code on our servers. Instead, we link it with a proxy that runs on your local machine.

It may take a few miniutes to index your repository. Once it's done, you are ready to run agents in your project!

Start building with Fine

Building with Fine is as easy as writing a few lines of technical specifications. To delegate a task to an agent, create a new issue by pressing ⌘+N ( CTRL+N on Windows). Then, write a short description of the task, select the relevant repository and assign it to an agent.

Create an issue

The agent will start working on the issue, starting by creating a work plan for your review. Once all suggested changes are approved, the agent will implement the code changes and stage them for your review.

Join the community

Join our active Discord community, where you can ask questions, share agents, get examples and engage in discussions about Software 3.0.

The community is also a good place to share product feedback, report bugs and ask for help when building custom agents and AI workflows.

What is Fine?