Getting Started

The Future of Software Development

Welcome to Fine, an innovative product that utilizes advanced AI agents to understand your codebase and automatically resolve tickets for developers. Designed to streamline your workflow, Fine aims to automate the tedious aspects of coding and let you focus on what truly matters.

Reimagining the Developer's Workflow

At its core, Fine is about transforming the developer's inner loop. Developers can select a task, define their intent, and collaborate with AI to find solutions. Fine's approach can reduce complexity and delight developers, without taking away the aspects of software development that they value most, such as decision-making, creativity, and ownership.

With Fine, you can delegate any assignment to an AI Agent, and it will automatically propose a solution and code it. Fine understands both the context of the assignment and the nuances of your specific codebase, as well as 3rd party libraries and frameworks.

Behind the scenes, Fine integrates seamlessly with your Linear/Jira and GitHub. By simply connecting Fine to your existing platforms, our AI agents can start analyzing your codebase and tickets. You can tag Fine in ticket comments with different commands like /guideme to get a solution proposition, /code to send the AI agent to start working, and /ask to ask any questions about the codebase.

A New Generation of AI Developer Tools

The current generation of AI developer tools are pair-programming assistants like GitHub copilot, assisting in hands-on code-writing. Fine showcases a new generation of AI developer tools that acts as a virtual teammates and help with larger, more complex tasks. Fine's AI agents make coherent changes to multiple files to complete end-to-end tasks.

Specs-Driven Development

Fine's approach is intended to automatically complete full stories ("Issues"). Fine can analyze the current code, suggest changes to the codebase, and implement them. This process is interactive and iterative, with user feedback playing a crucial role. Developers have the flexibility to tweak and refine each step of the plan, ensuring that the final implementation aligns with their goals​​.

What You Can Expect from Fine

Using Fine, you can expect a significant improvement in your development process. Our AI agents work tirelessly behind the scenes, resolving tickets, proposing solutions, and answering your codebase questions. When you tag Fine with the /code command, we start working on your ticket and create a new Pull Request (PR) when the AI agent is done.

We expect many tasks to require “last mile” finishes. This means that while our AI agents do their best to provide you with the best code possible, it's likely that you'll have to make some manual changes afterall.

Designed for Teams

Fine is designed to be used by teams. It provides a shared workspace where developers can collaborate on issues and manage their work. Over time, Fine will learn from the team's feedback and improve its performance, fostering a collective problem-solving process.

Join the community

Join our active Discord community, where you can ask questions, share agents, get examples and engage in discussions about Software 3.0.

The community is also a good place to share product feedback, report bugs and ask for help with AI workflows.

Fine is currently in public beta. While we are working hard to improve the experience, you may encounter bugs and issues. We appreciate your patience and feedback.