Using Fine with GitHub

Use Fine AI agents to streamline your work on GitHub.


Fine GitHub App

Fine GitHub App lets you trigger AI agents directly from GitHub pull requests. With Fine you can:

  • Turn issues into pull requests.
  • Automatically handle review comments.
  • Perform repository-wide changes based on a single comment.
  • Explain code changes.
  • Resolve merge conflicts.

Install Fine on GitHub

Setting up Fine is as simple as adding the Fine GitHub App to a repo, then mentioning Fine in a pull-request.

If you haven't already, install the Fine GitHub App: On the Fine platform, navigate to Workspace Settings > Integrations > GitHub. Click the "Install" button next to the repository you want to integrate with Fine.

Turn GitHub Issues into Pull Requests (/code)

You can have Fine's AI agent to work on a GitHub issue by leaving a comment on the issue with the /code keyword.

Fine will pick up on your comment and start working on the issue. After completion, Fine will leave a comment on the issue with a link to the pull request.


For best results, provide as much guidence as possible in the issue description. Try to provide the same information a human developer would need to complete the task.

Use Fine to edit & fix PRs

If you want Fine to make an edit to an existing pull-request (regardless of who created the pull-request), you can leave a review comment that starts with the /revise keyword on the pull-request. For example:


This will trigger Fine's AI Agents, and they will get to work on your request. After completion, they will leave a comment on your PR for you review:

Single-file revisions

Besides commenting on specific files, Fine's agents can also handle revision comments on complete files.

Use single-file revisions when you want to make fast, small changes to a specific file (e.g: fixing a typo, adding a missing import, refactoring a function in the same file).

To trigger a single-file revision, leave a review comment on the file you want to change, in the following format:

/revise <revision instructions>

Fine will then make the changes and push a new commit to the branch.

Multi-file revisions

You can also ask Fine to work on multiple files at once. To do so, leave a review comment on the files you want to change, and then submit your review with /revise command.


Ask Fine to explain code changes (/ask)

If you want to understand why a specific change was made, you can ask Fine to explain it. To do so, leave a review comment that starts with /ask keyword on the pull-request.

Moving forward

Now, Fine is much more integrated into your workflow. That being said, there's still room for improvement. Let's understand how you can trigger the AI agents directly from your task management platform.

The AI Palette