Using Fine with Linear

Embrace the future of software development with Fine, your AI-driven platform that transforms coding into a seamless, efficient, and collaborative process.


If you haven't already, install the Fine Linear Integration: On the Fine platform, navigate to Workspace Settings > Integrations > Linear. Click the "Install" button and follow the steps.

Developing with Fine and Linear

Fine is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow and provide automated ticket resolution. After connecting Fine to your Linear account, you can start using Fine in your tickets by tagging it in the comments with the relevant command. Here's a general workflow:

  • Call Fine into a ticket. When you encounter a ticket that you want Fine to handle, simply tag Fine in the comment section of the ticket with the /guideme command. For example, if you're contributing to the PyTorch project, you would comment: /guideme --repo=pytorch/pytorch. The --repo flag tells Fine which repository does this ticket relate to.
  • Fine starts working. Once Fine is tagged with the /code command, our AI agent begins working on the ticket behind the scenes.
  • Review the solution. Fine will create a new pull request when the AI agent has resolved the ticket. You can review and merge the PR as per your usual workflow. If you installed our GitHub integration, you can also ask the agent to revise the changes. More about that can be found here.
  • Ask questions or get guidance. If you have questions about the codebase or need guidance, use the /ask command.

Available Commands

Fine responds to three commands that you can use in your ticket comments:
/guideme: Use this command when you want Fine to propose a solution for the ticket. Fine will present a step-by-step guide on how to resolve the issue.
/code: This command sends the AI agent to start working on the ticket. Fine will create a new PR when it's done.
/ask: Use this command when you want to ask Fine any questions about the codebase.

Notice that each of these commands must be followed by the --repo=<organization>/<repo> flag.

Creating a PR

Once Fine is done working on a ticket, it will automatically create a new pull request in your GitHub repository. The PR will contain all the changes made by Fine, along with a detailed description of what was done. You can review the PR as per your usual workflow.

If something isn't quite as you imagined, drop your feedback in a PR comment just as you would with your human companions. Your AI agent will digest the feedback and refine the code to perfection! Read more about this process here.

GitHub Integration