Tutorial - Using Fine with Linear and GitHub

This tutorial covers the full Fine workflow - from an open issue on Linear, through a PR revision on GitHub and up to asking questions through the AI Palette.


This tutorial assumes you connected your workspace to Linear and GitHub. If you haven't follow the steps here and here. If you go to Workspace Settings > Integrations, you should see this screen: Images


Suppose we are working on a repository called finehq/oms-demo. It's a simple repo containing a small web app built in Astro. The app pulls product sales information from a database and presents it nicely with charts in a dashboard. For the purpose of the demo, let's say that we got a ticket on Linear like so:

Add a date range filter to the Revenue Over Time chart

There should be a button with a calendar icon.
Once the button is clicked it lets the user select start and end date.
Once the user selects the selected dates are presented on top of the chart for comfort.

Files to edit:

Delegate the task to an AI agent

Let's start by asking the AI agent that knows our codebase to provide guidance on how to solve this issue. In the Linear ticket, comment /guideme --repo=finehq/oms-demo. You should get an indication from Fine that our agents are looking at your issue: Images

If you are happy with the suggested plan, you can now ask the agent to code it for you. Simply comment again on the ticket, this time with the /code command: /code --repo=finehq/oms-demo. Images

Reviewing the results

Once your agent is done coding, you will see that they opened a PR for you. If there's something you don't like in the code, just comment on the specific line or file, and start your comment with /revise. Here's an example: Images

Your agent will get to work, and in the PR coversation page, you will see when it's done: Images

Moving forward

If something is still not clear, you can always go to our AI Plaette, and just chat with an agent: Images Images

Join the community

If you passed all these steps, we salute you and welcome aboard! We can't wait to help you streamline your development process and resolve tickets efficiently with Fine.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help: Join our active Discord community, where you can ask questions, get examples and engage in discussions about Software 3.0. The community is also a good place to share product feedback, report bugs and ask for help when building custom agents and AI workflows.

Happy coding!

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