Exploring notebooks

Notebooks are the agent's instructions pad, proving context and guidelines to the AI.

Create a new notebook

In Software 3.0, every task or feature starts by writing comprehensive specs. They are aimed to provide clear instructions to the AI, so it can generate the code for you. Notebooks are where you will write your technical specifications.


The Notebooks are straightforward and designed to help you create, collaborate, and manage your specifications.

  1. Open a new notebook: From your workspace, you can open a new notebook by either clicking the 'New notebook' button or using the shortcut ctrl+N.
  2. Write your specs: Start writing your specs. If you need help, type >> to open the AI Palette.

Markdown editor

We support standard Markdown elements in our text editor. Type in Markdown or paste it directly and it will be converted into rich text.

Markdown shortcuts make it easy to format the text while typing (e.g. **bold** becomes bold). You can also use the toolbar to format the text.

Custom agents