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Using Fine with the AI Palette

The AI Palette is the quickest way to get started with Fine. Through it, you can ask questions, code, and get access to Fine's agents.

What is it?

Fine's AI Palette is very similar to the "AI Chat" interfaces you are probably familiar with, but with a small difference. Through the palette, you have access to a variety of code related tools. A few examples include:

  • Writing code
  • Searching the codebase
  • Asking questions about the codebase
  • Generating documentation
  • Generating tests
  • Generating a changelog
  • Migrating to another language

How to use it

To use the palette, simply select or type a command followed by your request in free language. Once the agent responds, you can continue the conversation in the chat box at the bottom of the page:

Queries examples

Here are a few examples for using the palette commands:

  • /ask where do we handle login?
  • /migrate the chart component from AngularJS to React
  • /changes (produces a changelog)
  • /docs for the new get_users API endpoint

Alternatively, you can just chat with Fine about your codebase in free language, and our agents will do their best to help you with your query.

Moving forward

Instructing the agents through a chat interface is very easy and intuitive, but it's not 100% incorporated into your workflow. That's why Fine has an integration with GitHub. Read more about it to find out how you can call Fine's AI Agents directly from your PRs.

Join the community

If you passed all these steps, we salute you and welcome aboard! We can't wait to help you streamline your development process and resolve tickets efficiently with Fine.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help: Join our active Discord community, where you can ask questions, get examples and engage in discussions about Software 3.0. The community is also a good place to share product feedback, report bugs and ask for help when building custom agents and AI workflows.

Happy coding!

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